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GBQ Consulting Teams Up

As often happens at GBQ, we find a multi-discipline solution to business owners’ problems. In this instance, GBQ’s dispute advisory & forensic services group worked closely with GBQ’s valuation and M&A groups in order to assist a business owner with the buy-out of a partner.

The Challenge

A business owner came to GBQ with a suspicion that his business owner was taking unauthorized distributions and paying for personal expenses with business funds. GBQ’s forensic services group worked with the business owner to document the unauthorized spending and distribution. As a result, the two business owners decided that it would be mutually beneficial to part ways with the client wishing to purchase the interest of his partner.

The Solution

GBQ’s team of forensic, valuation, and M&A professionals came together to assist our client with establishing a value of the business in order to negotiate a purchase price with his partner. Once the terms of the buy-out were established, GBQ’s M&A advisors worked with the business owner to obtain financing and structure a deal in order for him to become the sole owner the business. Thanks to the breadth and depth of professionals and services at GBQ, we were able to find a solution that worked for this business owner and achieve favorable results.