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CCIFP – The Financial Construction Designation

by Bob Biehl

Last month, I discussed the summer as being the learning season for CPA’s and CCIFP’s (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional).  Today I want to explain more about the CCIFP designation and why all financial professionals who serve the construction industry should be certified. 

What are the benefits of Certification?

The CCIFP designation:

  • Demonstrates commitment to excellence in construction industry financial management and dedication to continuing education and quality improvement;
  • Establishes our profession as having, valuing and maintaining the highest possible standards of knowledge, competence and ethical behavior – as high as any other profession on which business and the public rely;
  • Sets our profession apart as one with its own unique skill set and body of knowledge, a level of attainment over and above that of financial generalists;
  • Promotes the spread of best practices throughout financial managers within the construction industry;
  • Better prepares both firms and individuals for meeting the challenges ahead as information moves more quickly and construction industry financial management becomes more complex;
  • Gives certified persons a powerful edge in an increasingly competitive industry and marketplace.

It is important for every accountant, controller, CFO, CPA in public practice, insurance & bonding agent who serve the construction industry to become certified.  The Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP) designation is the only industry-recognized certification where a financial professional truly knows the unique business of construction.  As CCIFP certificate holder #11, I have been a CCIFP since May 2004.  It has helped my career by setting me apart from my peers; allows me to do a better job serving my clients; and has ultimately made me a more well-rounded professional. 

If you would like to learn more about the designation or how to become certified, please contact me.

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