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Columbus C.E.O. “Best of Business” Reader Poll

by Sara Robertson

Columbus C.E.O. magazine’s annual Best of Business voting has begun! The annual survey gives readers an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the things that make central Ohio’s business scene great. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, GBQ was named ”Best Accounting Firm” thanks to YOUR votes!

Voting is now open of the seventh annual Columbus C.E.O. “Best of Business” reader poll. The voting period is open until July 4th. Be sure to vote today, and don’t forget to choose “GBQ” as the Best Accounting Firm (over 20 CPAs). Results will be tallied and announced in the November issue.

Ballots must have votes in at least 10 categories to be deemed valid. Please feel free to share the link:

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