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Five reasons why it’s GREAT to be an auditor

by Mary Stucke

  1. Clients! We have some very interesting clients and we have the opportunity to get to know them on both a business and a personal level.  While there is the necessary professional distance we have to maintain to remain skeptical, it is great to know that most of our clients do truly like us and appreciate the work that we do for them.  Another client related perk is that we get to work with and learn about a wide variety of businesses and industries that operate here in the greater Columbus area.
  2. Traffic avoidance! We are not going to the same place every day so any of the common traffic-jam spots (both in town and out of town) only have to be tolerated for a week or two.
  3. Lunch! We are always somewhere different so we are not stuck with the same old places day after day.  Occasionally our clients join us for lunch, too, which gives us an opportunity to network with them and learn more about their company and our clients as people, away from the work place.
  4. Coffee! The coffee scene is ever-changing.  Some clients have the standard coffee pot, some have a Keurig machine with a lot of different coffee options, some are right next to a Starbucks and some are near a cute local spot with lots of character.
  5. Teamwork! We get to work in small teams, and the teams can be different from one week to the next.  We really get a chance to get to know our co-workers because we go out in the field together and usually stick together for lunch (and dinner if we are staying out of town) so we get a chance to talk about things other than work.


* Thank you to Hallie Frair, CPA, Assurance Senior for her contributions to this post.


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