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Happy Birthday, GBQ!

by Sara Robertson

Tomorrow is GBQ‘s 60th anniversary. In celebration, I thought it would be fun to share our 60th anniversary video, along with some of our milestones.

Morris W. Groner moves from New York to Columbus to establish his own accounting firm. His first associate is his wife Ruth and his first office is on East Main Street.

Jack Boyle (from Price Waterhouse) joins Morris in practice.

Ron Quillin (from Ernst & Ernst) joins Morris and Jack and the firm name evolves to Groner Boyle & Quillin.

GBQ produces first newsletter, brochure and radio ad.

GBQ begins delivery of green bagels on St. Patrick’s Day.

Firm moves its office to 500 South Front Street in Columbus’ Brewery District.

Ron Quillin retires and Wade Kozich is named Managing Director. GBQ becomes independent member of BDO Alliance USA and acquires Columbus office of Cleveland firm, Meaden & Moore.

Firm name is officially changed from Groner Boyle & Quillin to GBQ Partners LLC.

Darci Congrove is named Managing Director.

GBQ opens consulting offices in Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY and Cincinnati, OH.

Click here to view our full timeline. I know that I speak for all of my fellow associates when I “thank you” to everyone who has helped shape the GBQ story, past, present and future!

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