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Blast from tax past

by Judd Ballard

A client recently dug up an income tax return from 1924 while cleaning out family records (click the image to the right for a larger view). The client was nice enough to show us a copy and after looking at the tax return, it is interesting to reflect on how some things have changed and […]

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America’s 10 happiest careers

by Darci Congrove

I’ll bet you wouldn’t guess…your accountant may be one of the happiest workers in America. It seems fitting to share this news today, when all of us who work on tax returns are very, very happy to put this deadline behind us! According to a cheapest viagra canada survey conducted by online job resource site […]

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Deficit reduction – with or without a tax increase?

by Darci Congrove

On today’s tax deadline, when many are lamenting the checks that they have just written to the IRS, there is a political firestorm brewing in Washington about increasing taxes.  Both parties agree that some action must be taken to reduce the federal debt, but the strategies on either side of the aisle are very different.  […]

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The End is Near

by Sara Robertson

Busy season is coming to an end. The sun is shining, SNL spoofed CPAs with their Mort Feingold skit last Saturday night, I have received numerous “Tax Relief Special” emails in my inbox this week, we held our final busy season dinner last night and there’s an impromptu happy hour going on in the cafe […]

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IASB Chairman Weighs in on “The Future of Financial Reporting”

by Mary Stucke

Sir David Tweedie, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), gave a speech on March 10, 2011 in Washington, D.C. to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce titled “The Future of Financial Reporting: Convergence or Not?”  It was a pretty long speech, but the main takeaway is that he believes 2011 will be the year […]

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Government Shutdown’s Impact on Tax Deadline

by Tim Schlotterer

We are just days away from a possible government shutdown. What does that mean for the April 18 tax deadline? The IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman addressed the National Press Club on April 6, 2011 and addressed questions related to the federal government shut down.  Shulman stated that the IRS, “has been doing some contingency planning […]

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ESOPs Make Selling Your Company to Employees Possible…and Advantageous!

by Brian Bornino

Most business owners are proud of the business they built.  They care about their company’s legacy and its ability to continue after they retire.  They care about the employees who have helped the employees that built the company.  In many cases, a business is truly an entrepreneur’s “baby”. So, when we discuss the issue of […]

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Google Partners with Mastercard and Citigroup for Wave and Pay System

by Mike Dickson

Recently, a series of announcements from Citigroup, Google and Mastercard are talking-up the technology that allows for payment of purchases by simply waiving your cell phone near a point of sale device. The technology is called Near Field Communication (NFC) and when these chips are embedded in a mobile phone, they uniquely identify the purchaser […]

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