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Upcoming Events

by Sara Robertson

GBQ regularly writes articles and publishes newsletters on common issues and trends facing today’s organizations and individuals. We also provide free seminars and workshops regarding a wide-range of topics for the benefit of our clients and community. Below are a few of the items our marketing department has been working on lately: Newsletters: Bottomline Newsletter […]

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Married Filing Separately: The Forgotten Filing Status

by Tim Schlotterer

So you and your spouse have decided to check the “Married Filing Jointly” box on your 1040 again? Good! Chances are you probably should, as your alternative is generally not the most favorable. By filing a Married Filing Separately return, you and your spouse will immediately be precluded from taking common credits, prohibited from enjoying […]

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Darci’s Dining Adventures: “What Have You Done for Us Lately?”

by Darci Congrove

A few weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to a dinner billed as “Girls Night Out.”  I didn’t know what to expect or who would be there.  Our hostess was Barbara Fergus, a successful business owner known for her philanthropic efforts.  The guests were an eclectic collection of people in a wide range of age and […]

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Thank you Congressman Rokita!

by Brian Bornino

I applaud Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) for his recent strong support of ESOPs and his opposition to a new proposed regulation that would make ESOP valuators plan fiduciaries.  Mr. Rokita has been vigilant about challenging the DOL’s assertion that there are many bad ESOP valuations out there.  In response to Mr. Rokita’s question about how […]

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