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Public Accounting vs. Health

by Mary Stucke

As busy season approaches here at GBQ and we once again begin working long hours, place our focus on our clients and tend to forget about ourselves. GBQ’s goal to provide excellent service never waivers; however, our health often does. You eat a little more pizza and make it to the gym a little less […]

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Not So Super Committee

by Wade Kozich

Is everyone or anyone as disgusted with what is going on in Washington as I am?  I detest politics as is, but has it ever been worse than this? I cannot remember a time in my life…maybe we need to go back to the pre-Civil War era to find a House so divided. I don’t […]

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CPE: Invaluable Lessons Learned

by Judd Ballard

Courtesy. Prospecting. Essentially. Let me explain.

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What is the Right Long-Term Growth Rate?

by Brian Bornino

When selecting a long-term growth rate to use in the terminal year of a discounted cash flow method (or for use in a capitalized cash flow method), it is common to hear valuation professionals state that “a company’s growth cannot outpace the growth of the economy and the industry over the long-term” and then proceed […]

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