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Group Think Re-Invented

by Darci Congrove

Fifteen years ago, I remember my supervisor counseling me that in order to progress in my career, it was going to be important to develop my own individual thoughts, and to be able to articulate my positions and arguments effectively. Later, oth viagra prices er well-meaning advisors cautioned not to get caught up in “group-think,” […]

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2012 is shaping up to be a good year

by Wade Kozich

I wanted to share a few of my observations about what I am hearing and reading. So far, the economic news has been very solid. Equity markets are up close to 5% . While I would not say we are in a sustainable Bull Market , it sure seems like there signs of continued strengthening […]

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2012: Anxious Optimism in State Taxes

by Judd Ballard

Looking forward to 2012?  Let’s hope so.  Everyone is capable of finding a reason or two to ring in the New Year.  It would be stating the obvious to assume Ohio State football, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Senate Bill 5 supporters are all leaving behind less than memorable 2011’s (leave Penn State alone…it’s still […]

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Case Update…The red-soled shoe saga continues (this also in, I still love shoes!)

by Rebekah Smith

While nothing has changed about my love for shoes since my last post (although I have added a couple of pairs of great boots to weather the Ohio winter in style) there has been a new, and interesting development in the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and Christian Louboutin lawsuit.  If you’ll recall the lawsuit is […]

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GBQ’s Most Popular Blogs of 2011

by Sara Robertson

As we enter 2012, I decided to take a look back at the most popular GBQueue blog posts of 2011. The following 10 posts kept you busy reading last year. I hope you enjoy taking a look back (or catching up on what you missed!). Popular blog posts of 2011: FASB’s Exposure Draft on Goodwill […]

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Orientation and Training of New Board Members

by Associate

Last month I wrote an article titled Orientation and Training of New Board Members for GBQ’s Community Action Practice (CAP) newsletter.   In the article I discuss the importance of developing an effective Board for nonprofits and some helpful tips regarding how to do so.  While my article was geared toward nonprofit organizations, it can be […]

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