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Have you filed your 2008 Income Tax Return?

by Associate

Taxpayers are given three years to file their income tax returns and claim any refunds they are due based on the overpayment of tax liabilities.  That means the date to file your 2008 tax returns is quickly approaching, and if you do not get it filed prior to April 17, 2012 you will be out […]

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Watching the Oscars, did you know?

by Mary Stucke

The most glamorous job of the Academy Awards was performed by a Certified Public Accountant!

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Where’s My Refund? Or, will I ever get my refund?

by Associate

According to the IRS, a glitch in the popular Where’s My Refund? on the IRS website has been fixed.  This is welcome relief to numerous individuals who had been receiving a message that the IRS had no information regarding their return, even though it acknowledged that the electronically filed return had been accepted. The IRS is […]

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Presidents Day

by Darci Congrove

Accountants and bankers spend a fair amount of time together. We share client relationships, work collaboratively to develop and share financial data related to those clients, and often refer clients to one another. So, in general, we like bankers. In fact, last Friday, I tried to set a meeting with a banker for this morning. […]

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Utica Shale Gravy Train

by Judd Ballard

What does the Utica Shale really mean?  It depends on who you ask.  The corporate big wigs hopping the plane from Houston right now may have a different answer from the southeast Ohio farmers, or even the northeast Ohio laborers.  But what does it mean to the state of Ohio as a whole?  If you […]

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Super Bowl or Super Bust?

by Wade Kozich

Admittedly, sports have not captured my attention anywhere near like they did when I was a boy growing up in Lorain, Ohio rooting for the Browns and Indians. My life moved beyond those young days when guys like Rocky Colavito were Gods to me. As a guy who has spent his life around economics, something […]

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