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Thank you Academy Awards for Your Generous “Gift.”

by Associate

Oscar buzz has been hitting the media for the past few weeks with the annual predictions of who would win which category and who would wear what.  I’m not sure if anyone predicted Helen Hunt would wear a gown from the well-known clothing store, H&M, nor that she’d top it off with $700,000 in jewels; […]

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GBQ Green Bagels 2013

by Sara Robertson

Mark your calendar and start digging out the green!  GBQ will hold our annual Green Bagel Open House on Friday, March 15, 2013 from 7:30 – 9:30 am. A full breakfast will be served and green bagel 6-packs will be provided to all attendees. Click here to RSVP. Our Green Bagel Celebration began more than […]

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The Glamorous Life of Auditors!

by Associate

Did you know that behind every major award ceremony, there is a Certified Public Accountant?  We even get to attend the event!  And you thought all we did was crunch numbers!  Last year, we discussed the process behind the Academy Awards in our blog, Watching the Oscars, Did you Know? But there is also an award ceremony a […]

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In Case You Haven’t (But of Course You Have) Heard… About all the Sports Scandals?

by Rebekah Smith

Perhaps my brain just works a little differently than other people… or perhaps I just have work so constantly on the brain that whenever I hear sensational news stories, my mind always tries to make a connection to economic damage calculations. For example, two notable scandal stories lately had my brain whirling, contemplating what, if […]

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