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Employee Benefit Plans: Timely Remittance Decoded

by Associate

As our summer busy season gears up with employee benefit plans, it is a great time to provide plan administrators with a helpful hint to a very common issue we’ve encountered during our audits: timely remittance of employee contributions.  During our audits, we’ve come across numerous instances where plan administrators are not in compliance with Department […]

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Down to the Wire Again: Ohio Biennial Budget Bill HB 59 Changing as June 30 Deadline Nears

by Judd Ballard

The abundance of federal government related news stories taking up most headlines in print and online outlets has shielded what’s going on with Ohio’s budget process.  There are obvious reasons why NSA leaks and IRS scandals steal headlines, but here locally many folks are awaiting Governor Kasich’s signature on House Bill 59. With plenty of […]

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Big Brother is Watching You

by Associate

Back in 2000, I remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 for my contemporary literature class and thinking that there was no way the world envisioned by Mr. Orwell could exist during my lifetime.  However, the recent leak of the government’s PRISM program has revealed that data such as your phone calls, visited websites and sent emails […]

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