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Accountants Ban Stuffing for Thanksgiving 2011

November 7th, 2011 by Associate

Amid her recent cost-savings efforts, my wife came across a coupon advertisement for a very well-known stuffing manufacturer, and prominently displayed it on our refrigerator, knowing full well it would fry me.

The advertisement showed a photograph of an uncooked, baking-sized potato.

The plain potato was able to talk, and felt the need to say, “My favorite sport is accounting.”

It is my opinion that the potato actually does not really believe that its favorite sport is “Accounting”. Some marketing genius obviously paid the potato to indicate as such.  Now we could debate the ambitions of that particular potato and perhaps the potato’s own personal morals and ethics…but there is a deeper, more troubling problem that should be peeled.

This is yet another example of the continued promotion of the stereotype that accountants are boring.

There are thousands of professions…but, according to some, none are more boring than that of the accountant.

So thinks the stuffing marketing bro.

My mother is 100% Irish.  Growing up, I had potatoes every night.  That, combined with me actually being an accountant…makes me uniquely qualified to comment on this matter.

No one ever fled a country because of a “Stuffing famine”!

Let us do a brief comparison of the Potato versus the Stuffing.

Potatoes are much like the products that accounting professionals generate…extremely versatile, multi-faceted, staples to healthy financial endeavors.   Think of all the forms that potatoes can become: baked, boiled, mashed, fried, wedged, sliced, chipped, and whipped.  Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all year long, they are a nutritious and wise choice for healthy living.

Stuffing is much like the product that marketing professionals generate…limited and a lot of fluff.  Marketing people essentially take stale old stuff, sprinkle in some seasonings and artificial coloring to hide the lack of substance, jam it into a hopelessly dead something, and then promote that people will most definitely buy it.

That ad is sooooo…..stupid….accounting is NOT……a ‘sport’!

I recently conducted my own marketing study and found that potatoes enjoy a variety of actual sports….I am not sure that as a group, potatoes favor any particular sport.  I have seen potatoes by the millions at football, basketball, hockey and baseball games.   Personally, I frequently enjoy some tasty potato fries or crispy potato chips at most sporting events attended.  How many times do you go to a game and hear a fan say “I’ll take a Bud Lite…and……a bag of stuffing.”

I can see the extremely creative marketing team delivering their pitch to executives at the monster stuffing manufacturing company.  Marketing team promotes that they have “thoroughly analyzed” the consumer demographics and concluded that if they make fun of the accountants, then the stuffing company will most certainly increase sales of their stuffing during the prime Thanksgiving stuffing season!  “Excellent!” says monster stuffing manufacturer executive….”Do it!”

I am quite confident that no one will buy stuffing instead of potatoes during the November Thanksgiving season.  I am also confident that the company has successfully offended the over 370,000 members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  Net of the coupon savings, lost revenue would be about $700,000 … probably covers a good helping of the cost of the marketing team.

The stuffing marketing people miscalculated…they could have used an accountant.

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