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Wow…an Accountant with a Sense of Humor!

September 8th, 2011 by Associate

Earlier this year I found myself at an event celebrating the success of a very large, community fundraising campaign.  It was a packed ballroom with interested sponsors and significant donors.   The lead sponsor had committed a significant amount of money toward the campaign, and in so doing secured the right to command a majority of the stage time and present a variety of different awards and accomplishments.

This was not the first year that this group had been in that position, and we were informed about the treat that was in store as surely everyone remembers the jocularity that had occurred in years past.

What ensued was a very-scripted presentation between two giant company executives.  Apparently, it was intended to be this witty banter between them.  I think it is quite possible that they paid someone to write it.   I believe they were both engineers by trade that had ascended the big corporate ranks and somehow they had convinced themselves that they could do a Saturday Night Live skit.  These two guys were incredibly monotone and unbelievably stiff.  It was painful.

Feeling as though he was on roll, the primary engineer presenter went off script and told a disjointed story about how he had a bet with a group of Louisiana State University football enthusiasts, and that if LSU won, he would go down there and pay the bet.  And…oh…how he so hated that awful LSU purple!   The sound of crickets was deafening.

Low and behold, our Seth Meyers-Andy Samberg duo presented an award to a public accounting firm.  To the stage arrived one of our accounting brethren, who  accepted the award by simply saying “Thank you.   I am an LSU graduate.”  The crowd chuckled.

And then what was uttered next by the main presenter was the all too familiar:

“Wow…an accountant with a sense of humor!”

Too my chagrin….that comment was one of the bigger comedic scores of the event.

Having endured thirty minutes of a rigidly-presented comedy routine…a raw nerve was struck…..I came completely unglued!

How can dudes that engineer mechanical widgets believe they have the societal license to readily make fun of us accountants as generally lacking a sense of humor??   Baffles the mind.

Somebody please tell me how accountants achieved the universal reputation as to having no sense of humor???   This stigma has dogged accountants for ages.

I want to know what particular group of accountants was so incredibly un-funny to have so solidly established this universal and enduring lame reputation!

Are you telling me that mechanical engineers, nuclear physicists, microbiologists, chemists, taxidermists, morticians, exterminators, mathematicians, statisticians and a host of other similar rock stars get ranked ahead of accountants as having more enjoyably comical personalities on the list of funny professionals?

Why would any of those folks have the supreme confidence about their own superiorly developed personal sense of humor to find the “Wow…an accountant with a sense of humor!” a particularly droll comment??

Ha, ha, isn’t it fun everyone to make fun of the un-funny accountants!

I have heard this phrase one too many times: “Wow…an accountant with a sense of humor!”


We as accountants should do something about this completely bogus reputation.

I have to go iron my socks now.


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