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Apple strikes back!

March 2nd, 2011 by Mike Dickson

In my blog’s description I say that technology does not stay the same for long, and here is a perfect example. Today, just six days after Motorola’s big announcement about their Xoom tablet, Apple announced the iPad2. Everybody knows that Apple has great creativity and they build high quality products, but let’s not forget they own the small form factor (iPad) marketplace.

Now that I’ve given credit where credit is due, I am a little disappointed in the new iPad2. It is faster, thinner, and lighter than its predecessor, but other than a predictable two cameras (before it had none), HDMI port, dual core processors, and blazing speed, there is nothing new that is not already on my six day old Xoom. And with resolution a few lines short of the Xoom, and no 4GL we can’t say it will be faster or higher resolution than the Xoom. So, in short, the iPad2 did not “raise the ante” in what should be a very interesting battle between Apple and Google. But don’t count Apple out yet, they caught up quickly and rained on the Xoom’s widely publicized parade.

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