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Do You Use a Suggestion Box?

Companies and organizations used to have a box labeled “suggestions” to drop in your written suggestions for improvements to processes or new ideas.  Some organizations still have this box, while others may do this electronically.  However this process is conducted, it is an excellent idea to solicit feedback and suggestions from your employees across all levels of the organization, if you aren’t already doing so.

Your employees are on the front line of your organization, whether they are the social worker, the gift shop clerk, the meal server, the nurse, the fundraiser, etc. They are interacting with your customer, representing your organization, and seeing the operations from a different perspective than those in leadership.

What better way to improve the organization, either through better customer service or more efficient processes, than to solicit feedback from these individuals?

The process for collecting this data may vary by organization, whether there is a physical suggestion box, an anonymous hotline, small town hall meetings or an electronic means of communicating these ideas.  Different methods of collecting information can be based on your workforce and their comfort level with bringing up ideas to leadership.  However the ideas are submitted, make sure time is spent in analyzing and understanding the suggestions and even possibly rewarding employees for taking the time to submit them.  They may lead to some of your most successful changes yet!

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