Marti Brenner

Director, Credit and Incentive Services

Accounting? Fun? It is in her world. In fact, everything is fun in her world.

Her dog eats crayons. Her kids are both in diapers. She’s afraid of heights. And she just happens to be the most loyal friend you could ever hope to have.

She’s worked in big firms, on big clients. She’s worked with great minds, complex problems, and for four years, she even worked with her sister.

And Marti’s mantra? Well, Bob Marley’s quote sums up Marti, an outgoing, fun-loving person quite well: “Don’t worry about a thing; every little thing is going to be alright.”

(614) 947-5287
Additional Resources

The Ohio State University, B.S.

Supported By

Alex Coleman

Professional Associations
  • International Economic Development Council
  • Mid-Ohio Economic Development Exchange
  • Ohio Economic Development Association
Past Speaking Engagements
  • March 2012 – Ohio CCIM Chapter Luncheon
  • September 2011 – Japanese Business Services – State Tax Credits and Incentives

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