Rich Lundy


Senior Director

Statistically speaking, practically all the time.

Working or playing, it’s all about the numbers. Rich is a statistics junkie. Handicaps. Birdies. Free Throws. Lay-ups. Brackets. Depreciation classes. He knows the numbers on golf, baseball and the US Tax Code. If it adds up, evens out, or makes a difference, he’s on it.

So when he’s on the job, you know it’ll all stack up.

Additional Resources
  • Youngstown State University, B.S.
Supported By
Community Activities


  • Goodwill Industries of Columbus (Current Member of Emeritus Board)
  • Goodwill Industries of Columbus (Former Member of Board of Directors, Executive and Finance Committees)


Professional Associations


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants


Past Speaking Engagements


  • November 2012: GBQuarterly: Year-End Tax Planning
  • December 2011: GBQuarterly: Year-End Tax Planning


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