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City Considering Pothole Income Tax Credit

April 7th, 2014 by Judd Ballard

As I watched dozens of disgusted customers turnover in the discount tire store line Saturday morning having been treated for bent wheel rims, I quickly realized the mayor’s intentions for a never before seen personal income tax credit.  Starting next tax season, individuals may be allowed a credit on city income tax returns for the number of potholes imposing their will in one winter driving season.  So, if you’re included in the long list of people “driving” up first quarter revenue at various repair shops around the city, hang on to that receipt, it may be worth a shot seeing this one through city council.

It really couldn’t make more sense, right?  Keep dreaming.  Whether the city attempted to cut a few corners in repairing pavement in the last couple years contributed to this problem or not, who’s to say.  The common sense excuse is to blame the harsh winter.  But the reality is, the city was and still is littered with potholes, even as we near the end of the tax filing season, and more importantly the middle of spring.

Still dreaming?  While the city construction workers continue what seems like an endless race against the start of next winter, make sure you’re keeping track of the number of bent wheel rims you repaired this calendar year.  I’m already on number two, down $250, and would happily invite the opportunity to claim that credit on my city return next year.  At the very least, how about a two-for-one coupon in the Sunday paper?

Maybe once another harsh winter passes the state will hop on board the pothole credit bandwagon.  Seems to go well with the thought of lowering individual state income taxes.  While we’re at it, let’s take this to Capitol Hill.  The IRS should consider the credit for all federally funded road construction projects.  I’d be more than happy to keep track of specific routes driven if it means a credit lies ahead.  At that rate, I’ll be chasing potholes across the city just to lower my annual tax bill.  I’m already taking note of the worst paved roads in the city, i.e. Hamilton Road entrance to 161. You should be able to find me there this summer until I have no wheels left to drive on.

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