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Ronald McDonald House

In 2002 GBQ began a campaign to collect pop tabs to benefit the families of the Ronald McDonald House.  The organization collects pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because the tabs are pure high-quality aluminum, unlike cans, which consist of aluminum and other alloys. Tabs are also easier to store than whole cans.

The Ronald McDonald House collects and recycles pop tabs to cover the room cost for families who cannot afford it. One pound of tabs is worth 57 cents, and one gallon of pop tabs (4,175 tabs) is worth $1.49. To date, more than 400 million pop tabs have been collected, generating more than $4 million.

GBQ has receptacles in the lunchroom, file room and at all coffee stations. Since the launch of the GBQ GreenTeam in early 2007, the pop tab collection has nearly doubled.