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Cyber Security Risks Can Be Mitigated With a Simple Common Sense Approach

August 7th, 2014 by Mike Dickson

It is almost impossible to get through a week without hearing about a new cyber security breach. Considering the first web browser is not even 20 years old, and e-commerce did not really start to evolve for several years after that, the “Threat Landscape” has rapidly evolved from unsophisticated outside attackers to sophisticated hackers and corporate insiders to where we find ourselves today constantly under attack by advanced and persistent threats. The major factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of cyber threats are ubiquitous and 24×7 access to the internet, an IT-centric business and social environment, and a rapidly increasing disparity between the technical skills of the attackers and the skills of the people organizations hire to protect cyber assets.

What are cyber breaches and how do they occur:

A cyber breach is an unintended dissemination / or unauthorized access to electronic information. The information may exist on corporate networks, web-sites, laptops, portable USB devices, backup-tapes or even e-mail. A breach occurs as soon as access or dissemination has occurred; a breach does not require the information that was obtained be maliciously used.

The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report proclaims that:

  • 98% of reported breaches stem from external sources
  • 96% of the attacks were not highly difficult
  • 94% of all data compromised involved server attacks
  • 85% of the breaches took two or more weeks to discover
  • 81% utilized some form of hacking
  • 79% of victims were targets of opportunity
  • 69% incorporated use of malware, and…
  • 97% of breaches were avoidable through simple or intermediate controls!

A Cyber Security GAP Assessment from GBQ is designed to give management a high level understanding of their Cyber Security Risks and help you put an action plan in place before it is too late.

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