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Fantasy Factory

January 4th, 2013 by Mary Stucke

As another year closes, clients are beginning to wrap up year-end inventory counts.  At the same time, fantasy football is wrapping up and fantasy basketball is in full swing.  After performing numerous inventory observations in the last week, it has come to my attention that college may no longer be necessary.  Future warehouse supervisors can learn the bulk of what they need to know from the comfort of their own home, simply by managing a fantasy sports team.  However, due to the necessity of a college degree in today’s job market, fantasy team management may more wisely be used as a supplement to improving inventory management processes all over the country.

Since the connections may not be obvious at first glance, allow me to draw some comparisons.  A warehouse full of inventory is like a sports team comprised of many different players.  Therefore, sports players are a type of inventory and a team is the equivalent to a warehouse. No matter what kind of inventory you deal with – food products, clothing, hardware or athletes – it is important to exclude damaged, obsolete and slow moving goods from inventory counts.  For fantasy teams, this means that whenever a player is injured or becomes too old to earn their keep, it is important to move them to free agency or, at the very least, the bench.

There is often no way of knowing how certain inventory items will perform when they become part of your inventory, so it is important to keep a close watch on them and track their performance. There is also the possibility of obtaining new products (or players) that are available and may be a good match for your current inventory. Often times these are items that have been overlooked by the competition and are worth taking a chance on if there is room in your warehouse.

The success of any warehouse relies on the supervisor’s ability to manage what they have been given and consistently find ways to improve what exists. For those readers looking into becoming a warehouse supervisor in the future, do yourself a favor and get a fantasy sports team first.

*Thank you to Chris Mast, Assurance Senior, for his contributions to this post.

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