Who isn’t into a workday break that includes a quality top 10 list? This week I bring you the best COVID themed memes I’ve seen to date. If you have a favorite that didn’t make the list, let me know(Editor’s Note: Keeping this work-friendly and free of politics was difficult!)

1. Most of you folks in Ohio should certainly appreciate this one.


2. That movie about an empty Manhattan doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore.


3. Funny, but not so funny. (Not speaking from personal experience.)


4. As much as I want to believe this is unrealistic, I’m sure someone out there implemented this life-saving measure.


5. Raise your hand if this thought came across your mind at least once in the last five months.


6. C’mon parents, this was half funny in April, but now it’s almost too true.


7. I’ve said it before, rolling out of bed one minute before that first meeting of the day felt both rebellious and temporary in April.


8. This one certainly makes you stop and think.


9. Those of you in the big city, I really feel for you.


10. This one feels a bit like that old grey-haired partner that’s tired of hearing the new senior talk about how difficult their life is.

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