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GBQ + Cristo Rey Columbus High School

August 31st, 2015 by Sara Robertson

As students around central Ohio head back to school, GBQ is preparing to welcome four students of our own. Yes, you read that correctly, today, four students from Cristo Rey Columbus High School will join the firm daily until mid-June.

Through the Professional Work-study Program (PWSP), each student at Cristo Rey Columbus works one or two days per week, which allows them to earn a significant portion of the cost of their education, as well as gain valuable experience in professional work environments. This 60 Minutes segment does a great job of telling the Cristo Rey story.


We are all very excited to be part of the program this year. As a supervisor and program coordinator, I couldn’t be more impressed with the students, faculty and program. GBQ is proud to partner with Cristo Rey Columbus and the PWSP!



One thought on “GBQ + Cristo Rey Columbus High School

  1. Stephanie Homorody

    It is so great that GBP supports the Cristo Rey students in this manner. There is not enough professional business programs in Catholic schools in the Columbus area, so it’s great that GBP is actively involved in helping these students gain some real life work experience while still in high school.


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