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GBQ Kicks Off Busy Season with Winter Firm Meeting

January 21st, 2013 by Sara Robertson

Every quarter, GBQ holds a firm meeting to discuss a myriad of topics and updates.  This past Saturday, we held our annual year-end/busy season kick-off meeting.  This meeting is always a casual one.  Everyone gathers in the café to enjoy soup, salad, sandwiches and socialization before the business portion gets underway.  Here are some of the highlights from this year’s meeting:

Performance Managers introduced our winter interns and new hires:

  • Audrey Kromer
  • Barbara Cain
  • Cassie Crandell
  • Christine Hoso
  • David Gantos
  • Kevin Hatfield
  • Kiersten Gaudet
  • Kristine Breckenridge
  • Lisa Lamphere
  • Nicole Dulle
  • Paige Stacy
  • Ross Klingaman
  • Stephanie Cowan

HR congratulated the following individuals on their recent certifications:

  • Alicia Hammersmith, CPA
  • Chris Levy, CPA
  • Tobin Perrill, CPA
  • Wade Kozich, Certified Merger & Acquisition Professional

A few of our fellow co-workers received promotions, which were announced during the meeting:

  • Jeff Monsman to Senior
  • Micheal Hock to Senior
  • Shaun Powell to Director of Finance

A big GBQ “welcome” and “congratulations” to all the of individuals listed above!

Other highlights from the meeting included a legislative update from Director of Tax, Mark LaPlace and an overview of our staff satisfaction survey results from Managing Director, Darci Congrove (#1 reason people like working at GBQ? The people – clients and co-workers!).  Several practice leaders gave department updates and shared success stories, while our Director of Practice Development, Rick Kondoff, shared 2012 sales results and new client win stories.  To round out the meeting, Shaun Powell outlined the 2013 strategic plan and budget and recapped GBQ’s 2012 financial results. It was another great year at GBQ for many reasons.  The meeting ended with the announcement that (for the third year in a row) all associates would receive a bonus check!  It’s nice to see the long hours and hard work payoff with a successful year and a little something extra in the pockets of the associates that helped get us there.  Here’s to a productive and profitable 2013!

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