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GBQ to Host Fraud Prevention, Cyber Crime and Embezzlement Seminar with Huntington

August 30th, 2012 by Rebekah Smith

We at GBQ are exceptionally excited to partner with Huntington Bank on September 10th for a Fraud Seminar at the Creekside Conference & Event Center in Gahanna.  The featured speaker will be Mr. Greg Litster, President of SafeChecks.   

Topics to be covered will include:

  • How to Detect & Prevent Embezzlement
  • Cyber Crime & Online Banking
  • Check Fraud Prevention Strategies
  • Liability for Embezzlement, Cyber Crime & Check Fraud

Mr. Litster has an impressive CV having written, spoke, and testified about cybercrime and check fraud.  His experience of working for banks and developing real solutions to protect against cybercrime and check fraud will surely be interesting and helpful to any business or advisor to a business.  Mr. Litster is also an associate of Mr. Frank Abagnale. 

Now in case you don’t know who Frank Abagnale is, he was the inspiration for the movie Catch Me If You Can featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.  And, he was actually the speaker at a NACVA national conference I attended a few years back.   While I am always a fan of Mr. DiCaprio, I have to admit that I found Mr. Abagnale’s personal accounts about his history as a check forger, imposter and escape artist even more fascinating than the movie.  He served less than 5 years (once they finally caught him) before working with the federal government and ultimately establishing his own consulting firm Abagnale & Associates. He is also part of Mr. Litster’s company SafeChecks.

I am certain that Mr. Litster, with his rich background experience, will also offer up some very real accounts of what happens when you don’t protect yourself and your business adequately.  And perhaps, we will get to hear about what it was like to work with Mr. Abagnale.  Check back for a follow up after the seminar, or come on the 10th and see for yourself what he has to offer.

To register for this seminar click here or RSVP to Michelle Friedmann directly at

We hope to see you on the 10th!

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