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Happy End of Busy Season 2014!

April 15th, 2014 by Sara Robertson

I haven’t blogged about the “end of busy season” since 2011 and I’m not sure why. Maybe because no one wants to hear from the Marketing Director on 04/15?! With taxes on the brain, I did some quick math on the way into the office this morning (yes, I can do math, I was a marketing and finance major in college) and 2014 marked my 10th Busy Season with the firm. That seems crazy to type because it feels like it was just yesterday that I joined GBQ and anxiously awaited my first busy season. So here I am, not a single tax return under my belt and I’m feeling like a veteran.

While every busy season is a little bit different, there are always a few common themes. For starters, there’s FOOD. From bean count and fresh fruit Mondays to dinner twice per week, happy hour and treats from various (generous!) friends of the firm, no one can claim they went hungry around this office.

Another common thread over the past ten years has been the PEOPLE. One might think that being around a bunch of CPAs in January, February, March and April is dreadful, it’s really not. I am always amazed my fellow co-workers can balance the stress and still be fun to be around.

This year we tried a couple new things during busy season. For one, we entered into a Wellness Challenge with fellow BDO Alliance firm member, Perkins & Co. Teams from each firm paired up for a friendly “Fitness Challenge” during busy season. Stay tuned for the results! Another “new” thing this year was #AccountingHumor Monday. We kicked off each week with posts on our Facebook page. Here are some of my personal favorites:


CPA Poster

And of course, a GBQ original…


So whether 2014 marked your first, tenth or thirtieth busy season, “Congrats!” It is over and hopefully it was a good one. I know the associates around here are ready for some sunshine, our annual End of Busy season party (this Thursday) and of course, 2 o’clock Fridays. Here’s to busy season #11…


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