Webinar length:  60 min.

While most companies will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the savviest business owners will seek every competitive advantage to improve their position as the economy gets back on track. The companies that are likely to emerge with stronger market positions in the post-coronavirus environment are those that can maximize cash flow to reinvest in their businesses, minimize taxes, and foster highly motivated management and employees. Perhaps more than ever, the implementation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) could create a sustainable competitive advantage for many companies during these challenging times.

GBQ’s business valuation team describes ways in which an ESOP can provide a quantifiable competitive advantage post-COVID-19 pandemic, and help determine if an ESOP makes sense for your company, including:

  • How an ESOP works and an overview of an ESOP transaction
  • Advantages of ESOP ownership
  • Good candidates for ESOP ownership
  • How an ESOP can create a sustainable competitive advantage in a post-COVID-19 environment
  • Key steps to implementing an ESOP
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Brian Bornino
Director of Valuation & Financial Opinion Services
Eric Dollin
Director, Valuation & Financial Opinion Services
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