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H&R Block Puts Hipsters on Notice

March 7th, 2014 by Judd Ballard

Thank you, New York Times:

Death, Taxes, and Hipsters.  Hands down the most enjoyable commentary I’ve read this tax season, even if I do momentarily take offense to being on the high end (i.e. the very top) of the age range H&R Block is calling Hipster. While I’m a far cry from being hip (distinct fashion sensibilities?!), I’m certainly no Kenny Mayne.  Luckily, I can at least on the surface claim to have a decent appreciation for filling out a 1040.

Whether you find the humor in the campaign or not, the Hipster tax crisis is noteworthy if not legit.  It wouldn’t surprise me if half of those hipsters even subscribe to the notion of being subject to taxes imposed by the IRS.

Good for H&R Block for finding humor in the “problem”, but also putting a charitable spin on it.

Beard implants, seriously?

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