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In Case You Hadn’t Heard… We’re Hosting a Seminar

December 11th, 2012 by Rebekah Smith

Almost all of the cases we work on require the ability to read financial statements and tax returns.  And a lot of the attorneys we work with say, “I just don’t understand financial statements!” which is both good and bad for us.  Good because this is why we get hired but bad because it feels like we are sometimes speaking different languages!  Because of this, an idea was born… a seminar for attorneys to teach them the language of accounting – GAAP, FASB, EBITDA, CAPex – all the wonderful acronyms and technical terms that we accountants love to rant on about.  During the seminar, we also take the participants through financial statements and tax returns and then provide some thoughts on how these financials can be used in their practices.

We hosted this first seminar a few years ago and sold out the room.  And so, by popular demand, the seminar returns to GBQ on Tuesday, December 18th!  Check out the details here – but hurry, we only have about 5 seats left!

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