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In Case You Hadn’t Heard…An update on the NACVA/IBA relationship

November 8th, 2011 by Rebekah Smith

In a press release issued today by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (“NACVA”), it was announced that the Institute of Business Appraisers (”IBA”) will have the possibility of re-establishing itself as an independent, member-run and owned organization.  Four years ago, the IBA was acquired by a group of investors which included some of NACVA  and ValuSource.  IBA, as one of the oldest valuation organization, holds an important role in the valuation community, and the NACVA and ValuSource investors recognized this.

For the past four years, the team at NACVA and the IBA have been working together to bring the IBA to a place of solid stability.  Having reached that goal, the IBA’s Board of Governors will have the opportunity to re-establish IBA as an independent organization.  The new organization and NACVA plan to continue to work cooperatively to better the industry and provide quality valuation and consulting education via the Consultant’s Training Institute (“CTI”) as they have over the past several years.  The IBA’s credentials will all also remain intact.

The partnership between IBA and NACVA has brought about many great things over the past several years (as chair of NACVA’s Executive Advisory Board, I have been able to witness some of these accomplishments).  To name a few….

  • A joint super conference with multiple discipline tracks, incredible speakers, and unprecedented attendance
  • The FIRST set of unified valuation standards in the industry (something that many think is critical for the profession overall)
  • Increased quality of business valuation educational programs

I am excited to see how the IBA continues to grow and how NACVA and the IBA continue to partner in order to strengthen our profession, the education we offer, and our credentials.

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