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Because not for profits yield great dividends.

We offer services to organizations that exemplify the idea of community action by: Caring people leading and serving our community. Devoting careers, funding and volunteer energy toward a mission that benefits people in direct and meaningful ways. Helping our youngest and most impressionable, our frailest of seniors and our most physically and mentally afflicted. Supporting those needing the most basic necessities of life. Advocating for funding, fair legislation, awareness, equality and education. Nurturing minds, bodies and spirits. Striving for cures, advances in medicine and technology and quality of life. Inspiring community action provides profitable experiences for all of us. These organizations range in missions, services and membership, but share the commonality of serving the best interests of our community.

We currently partner with organizations in the following areas:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Associations/Memberships
  • Behavioral Health
  • Children’s Services
  • Cultural Arts
  • Educational Organizations
  • Faith Based
  • Foundations
  • Fundraising
  • Healthcare
  • Home Health
  • Hospitals/Acute Care
  • Long Term Care and Senior Housing
  • Social Services
  • Utility Cooperatives

AICPA – Government Audit Quality Center

  • Paul Anderson
  • Senior Director, Assurance & Business Advisory Services
  • (614) 947-5203
  • Mary Stucke
  • Director, Assurance & Business Advisory Services
  • (614) 947-5210
  • “In the few years we have worked with GBQ, they have quickly become a trusted advisor and respected partner for our staff and the volunteers on our Audit Committee.  We have been impressed with the thoroughness, professionalism and efficiency of the GBQ staff during their on-site fieldwork, financial statement preparation and communications with our Audit Committee and Board.  I highly recommend the GBQ team to other non-profit agencies who are requesting proposals for audit services.”

    Cheryl Nelson, CFO, United Way of Central Ohio
  • “For almost 15 years, GBQ has been a trusted partner with Recreation Unlimited
    through both audit and 990 services. They are great to work with, very pleasant,
    and always professional. We have called on them for advice and consultation and
    have always got the right direction to pursue. GBQ is an excellent resource to not-for-
    profit agencies and organizations and we recommend them highly.”

    Paul Huttlin, Executive Director & CEO, Recreation Unlimited Foundation, Recreation Unlimited Farm and Fun, Ashley Campus Support
  • “GBQ has been a great partner through the many years it has served as the external auditor for LifeCare Alliance. They have become a trusted advisor for us as the agency expanded, that included five mergers. The team led by Jennifer Osburn has always been professional, practical and understood the non-profit industry as well as the complexity of our programs.

    GBQ does our external annual audit and our retirement plans. They provide educational seminars that contribute to staff development and up to date information of the changes in tax and accounting matters.

    The relationship with GBQ and LifeCare Alliance has been wonderful and has grown progressively. I highly recommend the services of GBQ to any non-profit agency searching for a trusted partner.”

    Mildred Gain, Vice President & CFO, LifeCare Alliance