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Japanese Business Services: Ohio Taxation for Beginners

March 11th, 2013 by Judd Ballard

GBQ’s Japanese Business Services niche leader, Akio Seino, will be presenting a seminar titled Ohio Taxation 101 next week in conjunction with GBQ’s State and Local Tax practice.

The seminar will be held Tuesday, March 19th and will focus on various Ohio corporate and individual taxes with examples often observed by Japanese-owned companies.

In addition to specific discussions on the Ohio CAT, real estate tax, sales/use tax and the Ohio municipal income tax, there will also be a significant discussion surrounding Governor Kasich’s current tax proposal and how it may potentially impact Japanese companies.

The seminar will include discussions on the following tax topics:

  • Commercial Activity Tax: Transition from income-based tax to business privilege tax;
  • Real Estate Tax: Real estate valuations and potential appeals on overvalued realty;
  • Sales/Use Tax: Manufacturing, taxation of services and varying rates;
  • Municipal Income Tax: Reform and relation to the school district income tax; and
  • Ohio Budget Bill Proposals: Attempting phase in a 20% rate reduction for individuals.

The seminar will start at 2:00pm and will include a post-seminar reception.  It will also be presented in both English and Japanese.

See you there!

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