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Job Creation in Central Ohio

March 18th, 2011 by Darci Congrove

Whether it is news from Washington or from our Statehouse, politicians are all talking about job creation.  While economists tell us that the recession officially ended in June 2009, there is still a huge unemployment problem, which is recovering much more slowly than in other downturns over the last thirty years.  Have you wondered what is actually happening here on the ground in Columbus to drive economic development?  The answer, and the volume of activity, might pleasantly surprise you.

GBQ recently became an investor in the Columbus 2020! initiative, a bold new regional public-private partnership created to foster economic development and capital investment, and to create 180,000 net new jobs by 2020.  We are excited because Columbus 2020! represents an unprecedented level of collaboration and investment to support economic development in our region.

Columbus 2020! is focused on four core strategies: to retain central Ohio companies, to attract new major employers, to leverage the region’s research assets and entrepreneurs, and to improve the civic infrastructure and political conditions that enhance the economic development environment.  This is a $30 million investment, which will be led by a team of seasoned development professionals, and which has the necessary resources and game plan to be successful.

Job creation in central Ohio requires that we collectively tell the story of Columbus and its many positive attributes for companies looking to relocate.  We must compete effectively on an international platform to bring new jobs to Columbus.  Unfortunately, news of early successes – like Boar’s Head bringing 93 jobs to Rickenbacker – aren’t getting nearly as much news traffic as deserved.  Our chances of success will be greater if we work together to spread the word and support the initiative.

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