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Lifelong Learning – The Key to Being the Best Construction Financial Professional You Can Be

July 24th, 2012 by Bob Biehl

Summer is the learning season for CPA’s and CCIFP’s (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional).  CPA’s are required to obtain 40 hours and CCIFP’s are required to obtain 24 hours of continuing education classes each year.  There are many courses to choose from, but this June and July I attended two of the best conferences put on each year.  I attended the Construction Financial Management Association’s (CFMA) National Conference and the Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Associations (CICPAC) National Construction Conference.  At these conferences, I learned about the following topics:

  • Cash is Still King – Don’t Let The Crown Slip
  • Revenue Recognition – What is the Latest?
  • The Strategic Imperative:  Transforming How Leaders Think
  • Ownership Strategies that Work for Contractors
  • The Dog Ate My Home – An Economic Update
  • He said…She said: Broker vs. Bonder
  • And many more interesting topics

In addition, I was a speaker at both conferences where I taught the following sessions:

  • Know Your Costs – Practical Accounting for Indirect & Equipment Costs in Today’s Business Environment
  • Intermediate Accounting and Auditing

As indicated above, these conferences provided great learning and networking opportunities and allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the industry that I serve.  It is important for each of us to have a lifelong learning plan.  It is what sets us apart from our peers, allows us to do our job better and ultimately makes us a more well-rounded professional.  I encourage each of you to continue to develop yourself.  If you would like to hear more about either of these conferences or topics above, please contact me at 614.947.5211 or

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