Article written by:
Matt Spatz
Assurance Senior

Manufacturing has moved onto its fourth industrial revolution. Connected technology is beginning to change manufacturing processes by linking decision-makers to the production line. The internet has allowed businesses to link production equipment to their computer networks, so that information can be presented and acted upon in real-time. A business must first decide whether the benefits these advancements will bring about are worth their investment.

The investment in connected technology can bring about advancements in product design, product development, supply chains, and interactions with customers. Most importantly, connected technology can help manufacturers make better and more timely business decisions. A few examples of benefits that may come from the introduction of connected technology in your manufacturing process may include:

  • Maximizing asset utilization
  • Identifying causes for production downtime
  • Managing supply chain synchronization
  • Real-time updates of goods available for sale
  • Customer integration with production levels

Companies that implement connected technology will benefit from these advancements made within their processes. Manufacturers may decide to start with smaller stakes in connected technology then scale out their tested technology to other areas of production. The implementations of this technology will vary for every business. GBQ can help brainstorm which technology may be best to implement and where improvements in production can be made. For further information, please contact us.


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