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March Madness in Columbus

March 16th, 2012 by Wade Kozich

Our national love affair with March Madness comes to Columbus this weekend. Columbus, like the rest of the country, is all wound up by the NCAA tournament. No matter what else people have on their schedule, they seem to have time to fill out their pool picks on who will be left standing after each round of the tournamnent.

Starting today, Columbus will have 19,000 seats filled at Nationwide Arena for three days of the NCAA tournament. With the combination of St. Patrick’s Day festivities, this weekend will be pandemonium downtown. The economic stats state that the average out of town guest spends $249 per day in Columbus, while in town guests spend an average of $107 per day. This also spells a big economic boost for Columbus.  At GBQ, we are starting the weekend with our annual Green Bagel Open House this morning. We are also right in the middle of our own form of ‘March Madness’ with our annual flurry of audits and tax returns to complete. It is nice to have this weekend of fun around us to lift the spirits of our associates.

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