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Motorola Xoom arrives at last!

February 24th, 2011 by Mike Dickson

Today was announcement day for the long-awaited for Motorola Xoom. Weeks ago I put my name on a pre-sale list and when I got a phone call this morning that my Xoom was ready to be picked-up,  I could not resist!

The Xoom is what appears to be the strongest competitor (from ½ dozen or so wannabes) to the very popular iPad tablet from Apple and my initial impression is it will be a very strong competitor. It is much faster, has more memory and storage, and higher resolution than the iPad, but the four things I’m most excited about are:

Motorola Zoom

1) It is an “open” system (i.e. it knows what to do with a USB device),
2) It is based on Linux and Android 3.0 operating system which allow you to connect to applications other than iTunes,
3) It is up-grade compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE network, and
4) We may as well call it the GooglePad because even though Google’s name only appears on the back of the Xoom, (Motorola and Verizon are prominently displayed on the front) you can be sure this is Google’s move into this space.

Will this device re-position the small form factor tablet from a multi-media gadget, to a valuable piece of business technology?

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