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February 4th, 2014 by Associate

This time of year, accountants can tend to get tunnel vision focusing on those filing/reporting deadlines, but I believe it’s important to remember that interesting things are still happening out there in the non-financial world.  I’ve always had an interest in science, but at times that interest can be daunting.  As scientific progress continues to speed up, so do the related complexities of the field—making it increasingly difficult to acquaint oneself with current scientific research.   In comes Nautilus, a website I stumbled upon while randomly looking up information about the Elephant’s Foot (a fascinating solid, extremely dense chunk of dried radioactive lava in the basement of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor that can give you a deadly dose of radiation in minutes (  Nautilus is an amazing monthly science journal that’s free to view online and provides scientific knowledge in an easily digestible (and enjoyable) format.  Each month, Nautilus puts out an issue based on a specific theme (such as the concept of Time) and publishes new articles on that theme each Thursday.  The articles range from reports on cutting-edge scientific research to discussions of culture and philosophy (such as the history of fictional time travel machines).  Every article I’ve read has been well-written, thought-provoking and entertaining.  Although some articles incorporate rudimentary scientific terms, you definitely don’t need a doctorate to enjoy the quality (and free!) work being done by the fine writers at, and it can be a nice little break from the spreadsheets we usually spend our days engrossed in!

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