Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Media Preview of our #NewMain Library…what an amazing place!



If you want a true journalistic preview, you should probably head on over to Columbus Business First, The Columbus Dispatch or something of the like. In the meantime, here were some highlights (beyond getting to check out the space before the rest of the general public!) from today’s visit.



The library has been closed for 16 months undergoing this transformation and I think you’ll find it well worth the wait. As pictured above, the original Carnegie structure opens into the atrium and it’s gorgeous. While they don’t currently rent the space for events, I think they should consider. Don’t you? #GBQholidayParty


I was very excited to see the children’s department since realistically, that’s where I spend my time these days when visiting a library. I am so excited for my kids to see this new space. From the story time circle to the school bus and books, it did not disappoint.


I mean, how cute is the “little” doorway?


And, let’s not forget the teens. A very open, collaborative space awaits and I’m so excited considering the #NewMain is directly next door to Cristo Rey High School where GBQ’s Professional Work Study Program students attend. How could you not head next door to study and work on homework or a group project?!


They did an amazing job of preserving the Aminah Robinson murals on the atrium’s staircase. How cool is that?



The last stop on my tour landed us in the History Department. They invited us to explore the shelves in the extra time between the end of our tour and lunch. As I browsed the shelves, I came across this:

Media Preview

Yep, a phone book. Maybe it’s just the marketer in me, but I had to chuckle (and snap a photo) as I walked by this shelf. I’m pretty sure I have a message from YP sitting in my voicemail box right now asking GBQ to place an ad for the 2017 edition…


I highly recommend you check out the new space. There are several events planned for this Saturday, from ribbon cutting and dedication at noon to an outdoor movie. Click here to view the official schedule. I’ll leave you with a quick #NewMain “by the numbers” (I had to tie this back to accounting somehow!):

  • $35 million dollars = the cost to renovation
  • 1991, year the last renovation was completed
  • 7, the number of public meeting rooms available
  • 13, the number of pallets of marble recycled for the art piece on Park Plaza
  • 255,000, the square footage of the building


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