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Not So Super Committee

November 22nd, 2011 by Wade Kozich

Is everyone or anyone as disgusted with what is going on in Washington as I am?  I detest politics as is, but has it ever been worse than this? I cannot remember a time in my life…maybe we need to go back to the pre-Civil War era to find a House so divided.

I don’t want to get into politics because I hate politics and you never win talking politics…but can we talk about common sense?  I would describe myself as a conservative when it comes to financial matters and open minded when it comes to social issues. I am very concerned about the divisiveness in this country today.

This so-called Super Committee was supposed to sequester themselves for months and come out with the Holy Grail on how to solve our ills and they came out with zilch….really?  Most people would recognize that we need to cut fat and spend smarter and most believe entitlement programs are out of control but which ones? We are all for cuts that do not affect us. Most also recognize that there are too many tax loopholes and the tax laws are too complicated but no one seems to want to pay a dollar more in taxes.

I am a CPA…I have been a CPA working with businesses most of my life. CPA’s know that you need to balance budgets. We know that we cannot spend more than we make. We know that you have to run your businesses lean. We also know that if your costs are rising, you need to look at raising your prices (taxes?). We understand leverage and risk.   Maybe we should have a team of CPAs make up the next Super Committee?

On a separate but related note, this week is Thanksgiving….let’s stop to remember that most of our ancestors (some more recent than others) came to this great country as very poor people. Regardless of good times or bad, we are all fortunate people. Let us be grateful for what we have and seek to understand the other person’s point of view…..we need to be a country united, not divided.

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