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Let the Cost Cutting Begin: Ohio Department of Taxation Not Mailing Out Personal Income Tax Packets

August 8th, 2011 by Judd Ballard

In an effort to continue cutting unnecessary expenses from the state budget, the Ohio Department of Taxation is furthering its cut on who receives a tax booklet for State of Ohio personal income tax filings.  In 2011, only those taxpayers who filed their 2010 return by paper received a tax booklet in the mail.  The number of taxpayers receiving tax booklets in the mail next year for their 2011 taxes: zero.

There are more than enough reasons why this is a good idea.  First and foremost, it obviously saves the state a lot of money.  No decision is made in this day and age without considering cost savings.  As the recent Columbus Dispatch, Don’t look for tax forms in your mailbox article states, it may also eliminate math errors that are commonplace on returns prepared by hand.

Rest assured, for whatever reason, there will still be those “dinosaurs” out there insistent on staying “old school”, and will ultimately have a problem with the Department’s decision.  For those of you still hoping to prepare your Ohio IT-1040 by hand, the forms can always be printed off the Department’s website, and will also be made available in banks, post offices, and libraries.

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