While our firm has changed in size and scope, what has not changed—nor will it ever change—is our culture and the way we care for our people. Our leaders are on the same page about this and that’s why we have a lot of tenure on our staff. We take the time to understand what matters to our people, all of which represent multiple generations.

We also take the time to understand how what we do as a business not only impacts our associates, but also how it impacts their life outside of work. We know that life happens. Children get sick. You may have a family member or friend who needs you. And, of course, this all comes during a time when your work to-do list is pages long. Here, we are a team. We band together to help one another out to ensure that not only your work is covered, but that you can step away from your job and focus on the other part of you: your personal life.

Simply put: We inspire a compassionate, supportive, engaged culture, because our associates deserve it. In fact, that’s why we work from the inside, out. The happiness and vitality of our associates is at the core of everything we do. From there, we work to share that energy, compassion and engagement with all of our clients.

This formula has worked well for us, and so we stick with it.

Here’s our story—and our philosophy—and every day, we stick to it:

It’s our belief that business, by its very nature, is good.

It creates jobs. It helps communities. It changes lives. And THAT inspires us.

Every day, GBQ is focused on supporting work and business. And when that happens, there’s a byproduct that’s valuable and often overlooked. And that’s growth; the growth of our people, our communities and our clients’ businesses.

We know that when our people flourish, our communities can thrive and business grows. We’ve learned that this is what matters most to our stakeholders. It’s the path of greatest returns. It’s the business we are truly in. We’re more than the sum of our services and practice areas. We’re not driven by the task or titles, but by the outcomes we know can change the lives of those we work with and for.

Our purpose and beliefs drive and inspire us, every day.