Thank you to all who attended the 10th annual Perspectives event on Monday, October 31st. If you were unable to attend, the following is a quick recap of areas discussed.

  • Fundraising Trends: Why Today’s Tactics Won’t Work for Tomorrow’s Donors: Laura MacDonald from Benefactor Group discussed today’s fundraising environment for nonprofits. She reviewed 2015 donation statistics, including who received donations by organization type and the source of donations by entity type and individual. After this historical look, Laura reviewed strategies for “tomorrow’s donors” focusing on age and generation of the contributors of the future.
  • A Primer on SUI Tax Alternatives: Tony Donatelli from UC Assure presented perspective on state unemployment insurance focused on alternatives and strategies for nonprofit organizations. Organizations should develop a proactive unemployment cost control program to ensure minimal unemployment costs are incurred. Tony’s presentation provided specific examples from both taxpaying and reimbursement viewpoints.
  • Sales Tax & Nonprofits: Matt Stamp (GBQ) provided a general overview of sales tax as it relates to operation of nonprofits as well as specific discussion of nonprofit compliance for both purchase and sales transactions. Matt’s directed discussion included construction contracts and real estate transactions and closed with the States’ Voluntary Disclosure Program available
  • Accounting & Auditing Update: Mary Stucke (GBQ) and Brendan McCausland (GBQ) presented on the compliance and financial reporting updates issued and/or effective during the year. Adoption by federal agencies of 2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance was covered as it relates to federal borrowers and compliance audits of federal borrowers, including comparison of the previous OMB Circular A-133 guidelines to Uniform Guidance. Recently issued accounting pronouncements were discussed. Specifically, ASU 2016-14, Presentation of Financial Statement of Not-for-Profit Entities, was covered in detail
  • People Strategies: Stacy Emert from InAlign Partners discussed innovative techniques for recruiting and retaining employees in the non-profit sector. Focusing on workforce trends driving today’s market, Stacy’s conversation highlighted factors for attracting talent and what loses talent, all while maintaining goals contributing to a thriving organization.
  • Nonprofit Tax Update: Melissa Rager (GBQ) spoke on the tax changes in the current news including 990 extension due date changes and pending changes that could result from the presidential election. Highlights included updates to 501(c)(4) requirements and the IRS 2017 Work Plan for Tax Exempt Organizations.
  • Making Your Strategic Planning Process More Efficient and Effective: Gary Condit (GBQ) and Dave Watson (GBQ) closed the seminar in discussion regarding how to elevate strategic planning and implementation through leverage of all organizational constituents, from the Board of Directors to the operational associates. Gary and Dave presented specific steps for the management team to maximize action within the strategic planning process.

We appreciate everyone who spent the day with us, both speakers and guests alike. If you have questions, or would like more detail on any of the presentations, do not hesitate to contact us at 614.221.1120 or We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Article written by:
Brendan McCausland
Assurance Manager

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