Podcasts Episodes

Episode 15

Asked to describe her personality using hashtags: #LovingLife #NeverMetAStranger #SmileOften. While these qualities have contributed to her BD/marketing success in start-ups and Fortune 500s, we’re adding #PSICoOwner #WomanInIT #GoalChaser.

Episode 14

Whether you know him as Bryan, Coach Driscoll, or team-building extraordinaire, his contributions (in the office or on a football field!) provide meaningful impact and transform cultures by empowering individuals to operate with confidence.

Episode 13

Go “off script” with this improv virtuoso, author, speaker, coach, podcaster, communication expert (and accidental accountant!) to explore how mastering the art of business improv reinvents how individuals and teams connect, communicate and collaborate.

Episode 12

If there’s one thing Katy knows best, it’s this: when you keep your mind and body in a healthy place, the demands of everyday life become far more manageable. A passionate and creative entrepreneur, she agrees that pressure is real (yet so is the opportunity to thrive!). 

Episode 11

Helen Patton has decades of information security experience, including working at JPMorgan Chase, The Ohio State University, and Cisco. Perhaps the most rewarding – and fun – aspect is sharing all she has learned, most recently in her book, Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path.

Episode 10

Podcast host Doug Davidson and Lisa Patt-McDaniel go way back. Not only did he make the introduction to her husband, but he influenced her professional career while attending Miami University. From politics to public service, Lisa’s passion for people continues to make an impact.