For 40 years, GBQ has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day as only savvy accountants and consultants can do… with green bagels. What originally began as the delivery of “Irish Six-Packs” to clients and friends of the firm became an annual open house event in 2009. As GBQ grows and expands geographically, so does our enthusiasm to continue this tradition. In 2015, we expanded our love for green to our Cincinnati office location.

Although the ways in which we gather have changed, the desire to continue our tradition remains. Therefore, we did what we always do: Think outside the box of green bagels.

This year—in lieu of delivering bagels or hosting an open house—our Green Bagel event will have a community-wide impact in the form of focusing on local food insecurities and supporting those in need. In the spirit of empowering growth, we are pleased to donate event costs to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Children’s Hunger Alliance, and Freestore Foodbank in honor of those that have previously attended our open house event.

“Here at GBQ, we, too, feel the strain of this year-long pandemic. But just like everyone else, we march on and look for ways to be a partner in the community, helping others in need,” says Darci Congrove, GBQ Managing Director. “As the saying goes, ‘We’re all in this together.’ Just because we are unable to have this event in person does not mean the event ends. We’re proud to keep it going, albeit in a new way.”

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