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Case Studies

Use Tax Compliance Process Review

GBQ SALT performs an extensive use tax compliance process review and identified several areas of exposure.

Tax Refund Opportunities Uncovered

GBQ finds a client $900,000 in refunds after a one day complementary review of the company's federal, state and local returns.

Tax Planning to Assist with Current Economic Environment

A client impacted by the economic conditions was having difficulty meeting debt covenants and cash flow needs. GBQ identified opportunities to assist them with increasing cash flow, minimizing their tax burden and improving their effective tax rate.

Tax Depreciation Life Review

A large real estate development firm changes tax providers and GBQ is able to find $250,000 in tax savings.

Staying Ahead of Tax Law Changes

A family owned S Corporation with $30 million of investment assets protects its preferred tax structure and saves tax dollars in an ever changing tax rate environment.

Staff Augmentation

A real estate development and property management company needed to fill their vacant Controller position. GBQ was able to provide the client with an experienced team member to temporarily fill the position.

Property Taxes

A manufacturing company in Central Ohio was due for a new assessment for real property taxes. GBQ SALT experts find a reduction in property taxes of approximately $40,000 per year for the next three years.

Project Cost to Complete

GBQ's construction team helps perfect the estimated cost to complete open projects thus, gaining credibility with the bank and bonding company.

Profit is the Responsibility of Every Associate

$70 million member services company changes its culture to a profit oriented organization.

Multistate Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense Services

GBQ SALT provides a full-time employee to provide support with multistate sales and use tax audit defense.

Multistate Nexus Study, Income/Franchise Tax Review and Voluntary Disclosure Services

A central Ohio based manufacturer of heavy equipment sells its products to customers in forty-six states. The company employs sales representatives who travel the U.S.

Multistate Income Tax Credit and Incentive Review

GBQ SALT identifies two state income tax credits that saves the company over $180,000 in state taxes over a two year period.

Medical Office Revenue Cycle Assessment

GBQ performs medical office revenue cycle assessment and helps the client implement several cost saving solutions.

GBQ Consulting Teams Up

GBQ's dispute advisory & forensic services group worked closely with GBQ's valuation and M&A groups in order to assist a business owner with the buy-out of a partner.

Fraud Assessment

GBQ Consulting's fraud risk assessment helps a client implement comprehensive, cost-effective and practical safeguards to prevent and detect fraudulent practices

Expense Analysis

The assurance team helps a client save $50,000 annually by reducing telephone costs.

ESOP Formation

GBQs valuation and M&A teams help a client determine the best succession plan for a business.

Business Structure and Pricing

GBQ helps a manufacturing client bring profits back to the United States and increase cash flow.

Break-Even Pricing Analysis

GBQ helps a data record management and technology client perform a break-even analysis and increase their win rate.

Audit Hours

GBQ helps a prospect reduce the number of audit hours from 700 to 385.

Accelerated Depreciation

GBQ helps a client adopt a change in the methodology of calculating depreciation by switching to straight line depreciation methods.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (In This Case $20,000)

GBQ helps a LTC client communicate with the state regarding past due taxes that weren't actually owed. All taxes, interest and penalties were abated.
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