As we say goodbye this week to our summer intern, Shivani Bhatt, we asked her to tell you what it’s been like to work in the Forensic and Dispute Advisory Group (“FDAS”) here at GBQ.  Shivani has been a fantastic asset for our team these last few months and we are sad to see her go.  Shivani is entering her junior year at Miami so she will be headed back to Oxford in a few short weeks to resume her studies.  Thank you Shivani for all your help this summer – we will miss you!

Shivani Bhatt – Intern

As I sat down to write my first blog post as an intern, I was asked to think about what my expectations were coming into this internship role and to compare them to what I have actually experienced.  During the past year, I really did not know what to tell people about what I would be doing in the coming summer.  When I was told on the first day that I was on the FDAS team, I had no idea what that entailed.  Clearly, my “expectations” did not even exist.  Thankfully, I have since learned that FDAS stands for the Forensic and Dispute Advisory Service team and that these professionals have very interesting positions at GBQ.

What I have found throughout my internship is that it’s still hard to describe to my friends and family what it is I do at work every day, because the truth is every day is different.  In general, the FDAS team works with lawyers and companies or individuals involved in a lawsuit to help explain the financial and accounting matters that effect each specific case. My role is to help the experts do the ground work so that they can present their opinions with sufficient support and accuracy.

Every day I come into work there is a new case, new material coming in from an ongoing case, or I am presented with a new and unfamiliar task to complete.  On any given day I can be found reading through expert reports and checking to make sure every footnote is correct, completing lifestyle analyses for our clients to detect how they are spending their money and/or working on a market research project. And the list goes on.  What is really amazing about interning in the FDAS group at GBQ is that my tasks are not limited, and I am able to learn and work on something different and exciting each day.

Being a part of such a small team has given me a truly unique internship opportunity.  Because we are a small group, when I am assigned a task that is part of a project, every one of the professionals I work with are willing to take time out of their hectic schedules to explain why my specific task is meaningful to the big picture.  My team members have made this internship a remarkable learning experience for me, and I am indebted to the professionals who have cultivated this opportunity for me.

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