Podcasts Episodes

Episode 23

Despite being a James Beard Award semifinalist and earning glowing praise in The New York Times, Chef BJ Lieberman isn’t one to rest on his laurels in the culinary haven of Columbus, Ohio.

Episode 22

Step into the dynamic world of data-driven decision-making to predict customer behavior, where you’ll find yourself eager to weave Bill’s innovative insights into your own business narrative.

Episiode 21

Level up your cyber strategy game with insights that will safeguard your business’s future – a must-listen for business professionals seeking to stay ahead in the digital realm.

Episode 20

Learning has the power to change one’s career. Hear how a fast-growing start-up promotes a unique approach to developing and retaining professionals, empowering engagement and firm growth.

Episode 19

The job market has allowed companies like GBQ to think more broadly about talent attraction and growth opportunities. This conversation highlights Columbus State’s innovative collaboration with local employers, including GBQ.

Episode 18

The (digital) future waits for no one. Embrace uncertainty, ride waves of change, and dive into boundless opportunities with this futurist, strategist, and disruptive innovation extraordinaire.