Podcasts Episodes

Episode 11

Helen Patton has decades of information security experience, including working at JPMorgan Chase, The Ohio State University, and Cisco. Perhaps the most rewarding – and fun – aspect is sharing all she has learned, most recently in her book, Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path.

Episode 10

Podcast host Doug Davidson and Lisa Patt-McDaniel go way back. Not only did he make the introduction to her husband, but he influenced her professional career while attending Miami University. From politics to public service, Lisa’s passion for people continues to make an impact.

Episode 9

When it comes to leadership, former OSU Buckeye Maddy McIntyre hits it out of the park. Born and raised in San Diego and a seeker of adventures (from surfing to softball!), she shares her latest professional endeavors along with insight on the next generation of leaders.

Episode 8

Storyteller, speaker and security architect only begin to describe cyber expert and enthusiast Jerod Brennan. Learn how he went off-script to explore a career in technology with the goal of helping folks get one step closer to doing what they want to do – securely.

Episode 7

The Crew is a team of firsts – first club in MLS, first soccer-specific stadium, and recipient of its first international trophy win in 2021. Crew President & General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko, though, is no rookie to the world of soccer – on and off the field.

Episode 6

Keith Stevens went from copier technician to managing a multi-million dollar technology business. Whether pivoting post-pandemic or adding value through nonprofit work and mentoring, you won’t find this golfer and chess player on the sidelines.